Why the Eductor

The Eductor has greatly improved Electro-Stimulation Capacities it has 3 much more technologically advanced Signal Generators to the one old fashioned signal generators of the SCIO and or Indigo. This 3 stimulation system allows a full 3 Dimensional Scalar Field for 1000% increased stimulation versatility greatly enhanced Chakra Work, Improved Pain management, Improved Anxiety, Addiction Therapy and Improved Electro Trauma Healing. We can build reduced small frequency interference inside the body. This will allow much greater precision, range and effectiveness of MTENS, MCES, EWH, TVEP, ETM and Scalar wave function. Amplitude of generators can be set separately for all.

The scientific digital Quantum Xrroid consciousness interface behind the SCIO has been greatly improved in the Eductor. The Eductor has new modern Hi-Tech for today’s biofeedback technician. The major improvements to the Eductor include a dedicated ECG, EEG, GSR, EMG with improved disturbance filtering. The sensitivity is 20 times more sensitive than the SCIO. It is 2014 biofeedback chip technology.

There is new active independent shielding and new heat stabilized voltage reference on each channel of the electrodes. There is greatly improved aberrant artefact reduction.

EDUCTOR includes a multitude of programmed 3D waveform. In summary using today’s chip technology and the Quantum XRROID technology we have a much improved medical device to help with educating your patient’s body electric to increase wellness.

The New Electro-Transcendental Meditation (ETM) Function is greatly improved with the EDUCTOR. With this we can stimulate the mind into deep states of relaxation and meditative Bliss. Deep relaxation, more balanced, Releases Emotions, senses are increased, colors more enhanced, brain wave conflict reduced, it is like tuning a badly tuned guitar to a harmonious tranquillity, reduce dissonance.

The Quantum Biofeedback process is the key for helping patients, but for a professional office and especially for insurance payment display is essential. Anyone seeing the EDUCTOR display on the BIG (Biofeedback Interface Graphics) will see state of the art Biofeedback. If you want to get medical doctor and other professional referrals the new EDUCTOR display will certainly help guarantee your success.

People are more and more suspicious about the risks of Pharmaceuticals. Drugless therapies using more natural and safer techniques are more and more popular. Now, the EDUCTOR, a fully validated, verified and substantiated energetic medicine device is here to help you. The EDUCTOR can help you change your life to be healthier.

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