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S-ENSO Beauty Software

This Changes Everything

Presenting S-ENSO ™

A bioenergetics breakthrough that balances the body’s electrical field, reducing stress, relaxing facial tension and lines, and creating an extraordinary sense of energetic well-being.

The S-ENSO ™ Experience

The S-ENSO ™ Experience creates a deeply calm inner journey that restores the body’s bioelectric balance. You recline in a comfortable chair, in a quiet room, listening to soothing music and healing tones as the S-ENSO ™ System adjusts your body’s electrical matrix. The journey is one of profound relaxation and muscle re-education that restores balance, vitality and skin tone, improves posture, reduces facial stress lines, and creates an overall sense of well-being that manifests itself in the body’s physical appearance. And when you feel good, you look good.

The S-ENSO ™ System

S-ENSO ™ stimulates appearance through a high-speed digital sensing interface and sophisticated waveform generator. Inner beauty creates outer beauty and living a beautiful life allows us to experience joy.

You naturally possess an astounding amount of energy to renew life and you are eternal. The S-ENSO ™ uses a cybernetic loop link that uses skin resistance reactivity and muscular interface to gently measure your reactions and then generate a safe, micro-current pulse stimulation of the skin to rejuvenate the body and give the appearance of enhancing skin vitality.

The S-ENSO ™ System includes 10 audio guided relaxation sessions and exercises to help encourage and maintain your mental beliefs about positive self-esteem, so that you can radiate your beauty from within. We have carefully orchestrated musical compositions that include unique notes known as the lost “Solfeggio Tones” to support the relaxation process through the vibrational patterns of these notes.

The S-ENSO ™ Difference

S-ENSO ™ sessions range from 25 minutes to one hour, with no need to remove makeup or clothing. Sessions are simple, affordable and extremely relaxing, creating an inner calm that radiates confidence and beauty. Significantly reducing stress, and the facial muscle tension that accompanies it, is the S-ENSO ™ difference

And it changes everything.
For the skin you’re in

Once tension and stress have been reduced, anti-aging compounds can be much more effectively employed. S-ENSO ™ has formulated an organic skin care line from collagen-enhancing compounds, botanicals, and fruit and vegetable extracts that combine with the S-ENSO ™ System to set a new standard for effectiveness.