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What is Bioresonance?

Many different forms of bioresonance therapy exist today. These therapies consist mainly of various methods of application of certain frequencies of magnetic fields to the body.

The underlying theory behind bioresonance is that all matter has a resonant frequency and every cell in the body resonates at a particular frequency forming an electromagnetic field. Groups of cells of an organ or system have multiple frequency patterns which are unique. Hence, the whole body has a complex frequency make up which can change or become distorted when affected by illness.

Bioresonance therapy work with the bio-field of a living organism by introducing healthy frequencies to re-balance the whole body and provide an environment where the body can re-establish homeostasis and self-heal

It is a concept used in alternative medicine, particularly in Quantum Medicine. It allows the practitioner to make field assessments, identify possibly “electromagnetic anomalies” in the organs and rectify by sending signals of very low intensity.

Precise and very low intensity electromagnetic signals raise the cohesion of a biological system unstable causing certain diseases to a state of stable physiological equilibrium state.