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Many have asked what is measured by the QUEX S/INDIGO/QUEX ED biofeedback device. This incredible advancement in medicine measures subtle electrical factors of the body. The history of alternative medicine has been dominated by old style resistance measuring devices. The body is much more complicated than just resistance.

The basics of bio-electrical medicine lie in the voltage, amperage, and resistance. The only thing that can truly be measured in electricity is the voltage and amperage. Everything else is a mathematical variation of voltage and amperage

The first Step is Calibration. We calibrate to the patient’s body electric measuring their electrical parameters of voltage volume, current potential, resistance, oxidation, hydration and others to find a safe and gentle process to interface with the body electric and increase the health of the body electric.

The second step is the Electrophysiological Reactivity test. Thru a cybernetic loop, we measure patient reactions to various voltammetric signals of nosodes, isodes, allersodes, and sacodes etc to get a base reactivity profile.

So the QUEX S/INDIGO/QUEX ED device starts by measuring multiple channels of the voltage and amperage, resistance, inductance, capacitance, etc. . Multiple channels are needed so that we can see variations in the electrical potential and flow of the body total. So we measure the extremities and the head. This direct measurement is of four channels of voltage, four of amperage, and four of resistance. These come into the computer for amplification and the computer acts as a frequency counter for receiving this data. This makes an active twelve channel measuring device. Other calculations are made mathematically. Resistance cannot be measured directly. It must be calculated from an amperage or voltage meter. Same as that any capacitance meters cannot directly measure capacitance it must do a mathematical adjustment of voltage and amperage flow. These calculations are referred to as virtual or mathematical measures.

The QUEX S/INDIGO/QUEX ED device measures over forty virtual dimensions. The variations of amperage and voltage flow give us a way to measure capacitance and inductance. These are the reflections of static and magnetic effects of bio-electricity. Variations in amperage and voltage allow us to measure frequency. You cannot measure a frequency with a resistance meter, so frequency was left out of the one channel resistance systems of old.

Changes in the voltage, amperage, and resistance together make up the reactance and susceptance of the electrical system. This is the most important measure of medication testing. Resistance alone is helpful but when coupled with voltage and amperage the medication testing is greatly improved. True complete electrical reactance is the best measure of biological reactance. But multiple channels are needed to measure total reactivity.

So what is measured by the QUEX S? Here are the categories measured:

1. Voltage lower left quad
2. Voltage lower right quad
3. Voltage upper left quad
4. Voltage upper right quad
5. Resistance lower left quad
6. Resistance lower right quad
7. Resistance upper left quad
8. Resistance upper right quad
9. Amperage head pole 1 Brain wave
10. Amperage head pole 2 Brain wave
11. Amperage head pole 3 Brain wave
12. Amperage head pole 4 Brain wave
13. Amperage head pole 5 Brain wave
14. Amperage head pole 6 Brain wave
15. Amperage head pole 7 Brain wave
16. Amperage head pole 8 Brain wave
17. Frequency 1 Lower left quad
18. Frequency 2 Lower right quad
19. Frequency 3 Upper right quad
20. Frequency 4 Upper left quad
21. Frequency 5 Brain wave
22. Frequency 6 Brain wave
23. Frequency 7 Brain wave
24. Frequency 8 Brain wave
25. Reactance 1 Changes in volts, amps, Ohms
26. Reactance 2 Changes in volts, amps, Ohms
27. Reactance 3 Changes in volts, amps, Ohms
28. Reactance 4 Changes in volts, amps, Ohms
29. Reactance 5 Changes in volts, amps, Ohms
30. Reactance 6 Changes in volts, amps, Ohms
31. Reactance 7 Changes in volts, amps, Ohms
32. Reactance 8 Changes in volts, amps, Ohms
33. Susceptance 1 Inverse of total reactance
34. Susceptance 2 Inverse of total reactance
35. Susceptance 3 Inverse of total reactance
36. Susceptance 4 Inverse of total reactance
37. Capacitance 1 Changes in amps
38. Capacitance 2 Changes in amps
39. Capacitance 3 Changes in amps
40. Capacitance 4 Changes in amps
41. Capacitance 5 Changes in amps
42. Capacitance 6 Changes in amps
43. Capacitance 7 Changes in amps
44. Capacitance 8 Changes in amps
45. Inductance 1 Changes in voltage
46. Inductance 2 Changes in voltage
47. Inductance 3 Changes in voltage
48. Inductance 4 Changes in voltage
49 Inductance 5 Changes in voltage
50. Inductance 6 Changes in voltage
51. Inductance 7 Changes in voltage
52. Inductance 8 Changes in voltage
53. Hydration
54. Oxidation
55. Proton and Electron pressure

From these calculations several other ramifications can be surmised. The bioresonance of the system can be measured. The reaction of the body to nosodes, isodes, allersodes, sarcodes, classic homeopathic, herbals, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, hormones, bacteria, fungus, parasites, nerves, vertrabrae, muscles, and thousands of other compounds. The resonance of the system is measured by determining the evoked potential or reaction of the body to these compounds.

Evoked potential is the electrical reaction of a patient to a stimulus. By analyzing the patients evoked potential or change in the above 55 measures we can see the patterns of the energetic body of the client.

The speed of this reaction is rather quick. The speed of reactivity is controlled by the speed of ionic exchange; this is the speed of change in metabolic reaction. This speed is approximately one hundredth of a second. The QUEX S/INDIGO/QUEX ED device is calibrated for each individual client.

To measure the 55 factors at biological speeds of one hundredth of a second, take a computer. So a computer can easily perform the required calculations in a short time. In just one test over 65 million bits of data are attained from the client (228 000 calculations/sec). The sophistication of this data and the nature of this fractal and chaos system make it imperative to use a nonlinear system of analysis. We use a fuzzy number mathematic system of Fourier form fit as a basis of analysis. Other systems of numerical analysis are used when needed. The computer can detect energetic aberrations and repair them automatically. This is like a rectifying circuit in your television. The QUEX S /INDIGO/QUEX ED device is the new technology for Energetic Medicine!

The added benefit is that now the system will perform without conQUEX Sus intervention. The users of the antique resistance probe devices can alter the speed of probe pressure slightly and affect the reading. With the QUEX S/INDIGO/QUEX ED the doctor and the patient/client will not be able to exert conQUEX Sus influence over the results, because the system does not notify what is being tested.

The QUEX S/INDIGO/QUEX ED system can also perform intricate therapies, such as, electro-acupuncture, rife, Mora, Bicom like, bioresonance, scalar, color therapy, NLP, etc. The cybernetic link of therapy and bio energetic scanning makes the QUEX S/INDIGO/QUEX ED the truly complete energetic medical system of the future.

This new dramatic jump in technology may seem threatening to some. It might be like a person one hundred years ago seeing a computer or a television. It might be hard to believe, but let me assure you this new technology is real. You have now set foot on a new path of energetic medicine.